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JLAP CLE Presentations

JLAP provides high quality Continuing Legal Education presentations on both Ethics and Professionalism to the legal profession at no charge.

All you have to do is contact JLAP and reserve a date and time for a JLAP presentation!

JLAP has conducted live presentations for:

– American Bar Association Sections and Seminars
– National Conferences for various Legal Organizations
– Louisiana State Bar Association Sections, CLEs, and the LSBA’s Summer School
– Local Bar Associations across the State of Louisiana
– District and Federal Courts
– Inns of Courts
– Law Firms
– Law Schools

Live presentations by JLAP are the most effective means of carrying JLAP’s life-saving messages of wellness and hope to the members of our profession.

In JLAP’s experience, it is often soon after experiencing a live JLAP CLE presentation that an individual who is suffering will reach out confidentially to JLAP for reliable help. Likewise, a peer who is worried about a colleague is more likely to reach out to JLAP after experiencing a JLAP presentation.

To that end, when you include a JLAP presentation in your CLE programing it provides direct support to the mental health of your attendees.

All JLAP presentations qualify for MCLE credit, with several options for credit in either professionalism or ethics. You can choose from any one of the following presentations:

The Professional Duty of Self-Care (1 Hour; Ethics or Professionalism):

This presentation focuses on wellness, mindfulness, and offers real solutions on how all members of the legal profession can benefit from new strategies to reduce stress and lower their risk for developing mental health issues over time.

2016 Lawyer Mental Health Study and the New JLAP (1 Hour; Ethics or Professionalism)

This presentation examines the results of a comprehensive 2016 study on lawyer mental health in the U.S.A. and how JLAP’s confidential services have evolved so as to provide comprehensive assistance for all types of mental health issues.

Reporting Unethical Conduct Pursuant to Rule 8.3 and Clinical Intervention (1 Hour; Ethics)

This presentation studies the Rules of Professional Conduct as to the duty to report unethical conduct related to mental health impairments and also the use of Clinical Intervention through JLAP to address mental health issues before they become an ethical issue.

Mental Health Treatment Approaches for Lawyers (1 Hour; Ethics or Professionalism)

This presentation provides education on the differences in treating Substance Use Disorders versus other Mental Health Issues such as Depression, and it also explains why lawyers with alcohol or drug issues are considered “Safety Sensitive Workers” who require higher and more-reliable levels of treatment.

Compassion Fatigue (1 Hour; Ethics or Professionalism)

This very popular presentation highlights a relatively new syndrome called Compassion Fatigue and offers solutions. Different from burnout, it is caused not by task repetitiveness but rather encountering disturbing evidence and stressful clients. Those at highest risk are lawyers and judges practicing domestic and criminal law.

Depression and Anxiety in the Legal Profession (1 Hour; Professionalism)

This presentation examines the signs and symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Disorders in the legal profession along with solutions, including suicide prevention. Depression is now the number one mental health problem in the legal profession, with an estimated 28% of lawyers currently suffering from some form of depression.

Increasing Your LAP I.Q. (1 Hour; Professionalism)

This presentation provides an in-depth view into the life-saving confidential services that JLAP provides, the law that mandates JLAP’s confidentiality, and JLAP’s services when outside entities such Law Firms, the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel, and the Louisiana Supreme Court’s Committee on Bar Admissions refer someone to JLAP.

Ethical Considerations of Mental Health Impairments (1 Hour; Ethics)

This presentation examines the interface between disciplinary action and unethical conduct caused by a mental health issue (as opposed to bad character), including applicable law and jurisprudence that recognizes effective assessment, treatment and monitoring to restore fitness to practice may serve as a mitigating factor in deciding appropriate disciplinary action.

The Purpose of JLAP Monitoring (1 Hour; Ethics or Professionalism)

This presentation provides an in-depth view of the formal monitoring program at JLAP which is just one of the many different services JLAP provides to the legal profession. The presentation explains what JLAP monitoring is, how JLAP monitoring can improve mental health recovery rates, and what additional benefit JLAP monitoring can provide when a person is involved in disciplinary or other matters that require them to objectively establish that they are fit to practice.

The Senior Tsunami (1 Hour; Professionalism)

This presentation identifies the challenges that will be presented by the “tsunami” of Baby Boomer lawyers who will soon enter retirement age in record numbers requiring the profession to address issues such as identifying cognitive decline, the potential impact on fitness to practice and protecting the public, and how to address those issues with compassion and dignity.

Please contact JLAP today for available dates and reserve a JLAP CLE presentation for the benefit of your organization!