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About JLAP

What We Do – Who We Serve – What Services We Provide

Louisiana JLAP provides free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law students, other legal professionals, and their families in addressing substance abuse, mental health issues, age, and other stressors which impair or may impair an attorney’s ability to effectively practice law.

We provide assessment, information and referral, interventions, consultation, education, monitoring, and lawyer support groups.

The JLAP staff can assess the problem and assist the judge or lawyer in getting appropriate help.

Information & Referral
The JLAP staff can provide information on issues of chemical dependency and mental health. If the judge or lawyer is assessed to need additional help, the LAP will refer the individual to the most appropriate resource. JLAP maintains referral sources across the state and country that includes private therapists, psychologists, physicians, and treatment facilities.

The JLAP staff can intervene with a lawyer or judge who is in trouble with drugs or alcohol, or has a mental health disorder that requires immediate attention and encourage that person to accept the help that is being offered. Interventions are an effective method of helping the legal professional who may not realize he or she needs help.

The JLAP can help the concerned judge, law partner, family member, or friend who are concerned about a judge or lawyer. The LAP staff will provide assistance in exploring options and initiate an appropriate plan or recommendation.

The JLAP provides multiple MCLE opportunities throughout the year. JLAP staff members speak with law students, bar associations, law firms, and legal organizations on various topics such as the impact of chemical dependency and mental illness on the legal profession in addition to the services provided by LAP.

In the event that an impaired professional must enter into a supervisory arrangement with JLAP, they must sign a recovery contract. Being monitored through LAP is the best way for the recovering judge or lawyer to demonstrate a good record of sobriety.

Lawyer Support Groups
JLAP offers free depression recovery groups in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. These groups are designed to provide participants with a confidential forum to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, and acquire tools to be happier and healthier in the practice of law. These FREE support groups are facilitated by licensed mental health care professionals, are open to anyone in the legal profession, and are completely confidential.

JLAP also offers Lawyers’ 12 Step Groups in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Shreveport. Lawyer support groups consist of recovering lawyers and judges meeting together on a weekly basis. These groups provide a forum for recovering lawyers.