Lawyers’ 12-Step Groups

Lawyer support groups consist of recovering lawyers and judges meeting together on a weekly basis. These groups have been very effective in other states and are essential to a successful overall program.

These groups provide a forum for recovering lawyers. They are not to be considered the recovering lawyers home group and this should be pointed out to newcomers. This meeting is a support group meeting and should be considered just that.

These meetings can also be used for interaction between monitors and the monitored lawyer. Another reason for these meetings is that they can provide a place for dissemination of information to committee members.

Baton Rouge

Tuesday at noon
The City Club
355 North Blvd., Baton Rouge
Thursday at noon
Bocage Racquet Club
7600 Jefferson Highway, Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge meetings organized by George Pierson


1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month at noon
Thomas Guilbeau’s office
106 W. Congress Street, Lafayette

Lafayette meetings are organized by Jim Lambert
(337) 261-3737

New Orleans

Wednesday at noon
P&G Restaurant
345 Baronne Street, New Orleans
(private room in back of restaurant)

New Orleans meetings organized by Kervin Doyle


Tuesday at noon
Highland Center
520 Olive Street, Shreveport
(Enter at gym. Downstairs, first door on right)

Shreveport meetings are organized by Steven Thomas

Contact Persons

Please feel free to call any of the contact persons listed in this section for ANY information, guidance, or directions you might require for ANY of the resources offered herein. Any of the people listed in this section will be glad to visit with you and answer any questions you might have or provide any information at our disposal.

Buddy Stockwell
Executive Director of JLAP
(985) 778-0571